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Our Currency Exchange Process

We follow a transparent and trustworty currency exchange service,
we provide our customers with receipt
and ask the customer to count the exchanged currency at counter.

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Who We Are

Advance Business Com (Europe) Ltd T/A Rainbow Express, is currency exchange and remittance expert company providing bureau the change service in London. Over the years Rainbow Express has delivered trustworthy currency exchange and worldwide money transfer service. Rainbow Express has desire to expand and provide best customer service in coming years.

We are a Foreign Exchange Firm who is capable of managing your entire International trading needs with both confidence and knowledge. We deal in foreign currency, managing accounts that range in size from individual to small corporate accounts and with second to none impeccable reputation and professional FOREX excellence!


    Money Transfer

  • Worldwide Money Transfer
  • Western Union
  • Send and Receive Money
  • Safe and Secure

    Currency Exchange

  • Exclusive Rates
  • All Major Currencies
  • Bureau De Change
  • Online Buy Sell Rates
  • Friendly Customer Service


  • Best Rates
  • Buying Property Abroad
  • Regular Payments
  • No Hidden Costs
  • Salary Payments

What we do

We Provide

Currency market is very complex and we provide competitive exchange rates to all our customers.

Travel Money

Our experience and expertise will ensure we can cater for your needs and Easiest and cost effective way to change your money.
Contact us today and see what our exceptional service can really do for you.

We Transfer Money

We at Rainbow Express Ltd. are a reliable, courteous and friendly with service excellence, providing hassle free, fast and easy service to send money to families and friends back home. We are partnered with Western Union to provide money transfer service.

We Answer all Queries

Call us (078 8560 4075)or email us (info@rainbowexpress.eu)
Have your question answered by one of our friendly staff who are waiting to help you.


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Contact Us

Head Office:

Advance Business Com (Europe) Ltd T/A Rainbow Express,

89 Edgware Road,

London, W2 2HX

T : 0207 7068 135

F : 0207 7068 135

M : 078 8560 4075


Daily 10:00 to 19:00

Currency Exchange


Advance Business Com (Europe) Ltd T/A Rainbow Express,

62 Edgware Road,

London, W2 2EH

T : 0207 7233 366


Daily 10:00 to 19:00

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